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Capsules Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Discover our advanced manufacturing tech—10,000 daily capsules, sizes 0 and 00—showcasing precision, efficiency, and versatility in production from the Best Herbal Products Manufacturers In India 2024

10000 Capsules production per day

Our daily production reaches 10,000 capsules, showcasing our capacity and commitment to meeting demand.

Capsule Size Range We Have

We offer capsule sizes ranging 0 / 00, providing a versatile selection for varied preferences and requirements.

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Viral Dave
We having been getting our food and health supplement products manufactured from Improva Herbal Products since last 5 years. The range includes ragi sattva (malted ragi) varieties, juices, health supplement/nutraceutical liquids and apple cider vinegar-based products. We are very satisfied with the quality of the products and appreciate the efforts that they take in maintaining professionalism. Know More
Nakul Gandhi
We are associated with Improva Herbal Products since last 8 years. Our products Paankadali (for renal wellness) and Hemotive (for anemia and hunger) are now being proven and accepted by the doctor’s community. Our newer range includes very interesting nutraceutical products that are conceptualized and manufactured by Improva Herbal Products. These include l-carnitine based supplement for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver health in general, l-citrulline based products for cardiovascular wellness, erectile disfunction, etc. Know More