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Our Technologies

We (Trusted Organic Wellness Brands) have know-how to manufacture a range of juices and liquid formulation. preservative free versions also available

2000 Liters production per day

We produce juices & liquids with 2000 liters/day capacity

High pressure homogenization

We produce juices & liquids up to 250 bar at 200 L per hour speed

Preservative Free Version

Preservative versions are available for a selected range of products

Hot-fill-hold technology

Standard manufacturing protocol

Automated filling & sealing

1000 bottles/hr speed from 100 ml to 1 L

Equipments We Have

High Pressure Homogenizer
Automatic Filling & Sealing
Multi Mill
Screw Press

Types Of Juices & Liquids We Manufacture

Ready to drink fruit beverages

Savor the freshness with our ready-to-drink fruit beverages from the Leading Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers. From classic to innovative blends, our juices deliver a burst of natural flavors in every sip. Enjoy the convenience of premium fruit goodness on the go.

Introducing our latest innovation in the market: our suspended basil drinks, a refreshing blend of enticing flavors. With our extensive expertise, we bring you over 10 unique and delightful flavor options to tantalize your taste buds. Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation with our suspended basil drinks, crafted to elevate your beverage experience.

Non-carbonated Flavored Basil Drinks

Suspended Nata Fruit Beverages

Try our new suspended Nata chunks in fruit juice for a tasty and nutritious treat. We offer a variety of flavors like lychee, guava, mango, pineapple, and more. Enjoy a delicious and healthy snack with this unique combination from the Best Herbal Products Manufacturers In India 2024!

Check out our special Non-Dairy Falooda Drink – a unique and lactose-free option with basil seeds, vermicelli, and nata. Choose from a variety of flavors like kulfi, mango, rose, vanilla, and kesar-badam. Experience a different kind of delicious with our special falooda drink!

Non-dairy Falooda Drink

Extracted Single Component Vegetable Juices

Explore our range of extracted single-component vegetable juices – concentrated and packed with goodness. Choose from a variety of options like Aloe vera, lauki, methi, karela, jamun, wheatgrass, and more. Enjoy the pure essence of each vegetable in these concentrated juices for a refreshing and healthy experience.

our health supplement and nutraceutical liquids are formulated to provide comprehensive support for your overall health. By combining modern scientific knowledge with the wisdom of ancient sciences, we aim to offer products that cater to your holistic well-being. Experience the difference with our carefully designed wellness liquids, tailored to meet the evolving needs of your health journey.

Health Supplement & Nutraceutical Liquids

Stevia Table Top Sweetener

Indulge in guilt-free sweetness with our Stevia tabletop sweetener, crafted from pure stevia molecules. Experience the natural sweetness of stevia, where just 4 drops equal the sweetness of 1 tablespoon of sugar. Enjoy a healthier alternative without compromising on taste with our Stevia tabletop sweetener.

Contact With The Best Herbal Products Manufacturers In India

Viral Dave
We having been getting our food and health supplement products manufactured from Improva Herbal Products, Best Herbal Products Manufacturers In India, since last 5 years. The range includes ragi sattva (malted ragi) varieties, juices, health supplement/nutraceutical liquids and apple cider vinegar-based products. We are very satisfied with the quality of the products and appreciate the efforts that they take in maintaining professionalism. Know More
Nakul Gandhi
We are associated with Improva Herbal Products since last 8 years. Our products Paankadali (for renal wellness) and Hemotive (for anemia and hunger) are now being proven and accepted by the doctor’s community. Our newer range includes very interesting nutraceutical products that are conceptualized and manufactured by Improva Herbal Products. These include l-carnitine based supplement for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver health in general, l-citrulline based products for cardiovascular wellness, erectile disfunction, etc. Know More